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Chris Douglass

Hi I’m Chris and I run Douglass Imaging.
Looking at the world is great but we miss so much, by looking slightly differently you can see so much more. People miss the beauty that is all around them just because they look in the same old way at the same old things. To see the whole beauty of creation you need to learn to see the world in a different light, different angles and not to miss a thing.
Douglass Imaging is about showing the world the best it can be from macro photography of flowers to a great landscape. From family you and your family in the best light to commercial advertising all show the world in different ways.Douglass imaging can do this and this is what I do best.

I started it out of my passion for photography and a wanting to make it fun for everyone involved. This evens goes for our business clients as, these no reason why business can’t be fun as well.

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